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Jairo Fúquene-Patiño         



I am originally from Colombia.

I am an assistant professor in the Department of Statistics at the University of California, Davis. 

I  do research in Bayesian statistics. In recent years my focus has been Bayesian methods in official statistics and their use in National Statistical Offices of low- and middle-income countries. I have a lot of experience working in official statistics due to my multiple roles working at the National Statistical Office in Colombia and also as a consultant and technical advisor for international non-governmental organizations.  

In UC Davis, my junior faculty position has been supported by a Campos Scholar granted by the UC Davis Center for the Advancement of Multicultural Perspectives on Science, or CAMPOS. The center focuses on building diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


NEWS (2024) 

Editorial Services 

  • Associate Editor, Journal of the American Statistical Association, Reviews, 2023 – present

  • Associate Editor, The American Statistician, Reviews, 2023 – present

Representative Submitted Papers

Representative Publications

  • J. Fúquene-Patiño, C. Cristancho,  M, Ospina and D. Morales (2021).  Fay-Herriot Model-Based Prediction Alternatives for Estimating Households with Emigrated Members. (2021). Journal of Official Statistics. 

  • J. Fúquene-Patiño, M Alvarez and LR Pericchi (2015)A Robust Bayesian dynamic linear model for Latin-American economic time series:“the Mexico and Puerto Rico cases". Latin American Economic Review, Springer, 24 1-17

  • J. Fúquene-Patiño  and  Brenda Betancourt (2011). Heavy tailed priors: an alternative to non-informative priors in the estimation of proportions on small areas. Biometric Brazilian Journal 29 (3).

  • J. Fúquene-Patiño, M. Delgado (2011).  A note on Bayesian Robustness for Count Data. Brazilian Journal Of Probability and Statistics. Vol. 26, No. 3, 279-287.​​​

  • Delgado, M., Portnoy, A., J. Fúquene-Patiño. "Controlling the Oscillations of a Variable Length Pendulum". Biometric Brazilian Journal

  • J. Fúquene-Patiño  (2005) Dico-ratio estimation with auxiliary information in 3X3 contingency tables. Colombian Journal of Statistics, Volume 28, Number 2,  pp. 141.

  • J. Fúquene-Patiño and Leonardo Bautista (2005) P.P.S. Design with Categorical Variables to Estimate Dicho-Ratios. Colombian Journal of Statistics, Volume 28, Number 1,  pp. 99-114.

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