I like theoretical and applied Bayesian statistics. My research focuses on developing methods and computationally approaches with an emphasis on the "Bayesian Alternative"  in conjunction with applications to clustering, record linkage, financial time series, fMRI, clinical trials, environmental data, epidemiological data, population projections, migration, demographic indexes, survey sampling designs, among others. 



2013 - 2018 

PhD in Statistics

University of Warwick

United Kingdom

Postdoctoral Associate. Duke University, Department of Statistical Science (2019-2020). 

  • Research on temporal record linkage presented in BayesComp 2020.

  • Research on small area estimation using Bayesian alternatives.

National Department of Statistics, Colombia. Consultant, statistician and Instructor (2004, 2005, 2006, 2011, 2013, 2017, 2018 and 2020).  Current. 

  • ​Household income and expenditure (2004-2006).  

  • Survey sampling designs (2011).

  • Census-College (2006). Proposal for imputation of missing data using time series. 

  • Population Census (2005).  

  • Instructor for Bayesian Dynamic Linear Models (Summer-2013). Instructor for Bayesian Statistics with R (Summer-2013). Instructor for Big Data (Summer-2017).

  • Technical adviser, (2018)

Technical consultant to Vital Strategies, on the Bloomberg Philanthropies Data for Health Initiative (2018-July 2020) .

Support the National Statistics Office (DANE) and the Ministry of Health in Colombia with new statistical methodologies,

  • Research on statistical models for small area estimation of demographic indicators (2018).

  • The use of multiple administrative records for population projections (2018).

  • Bayesian population projections (2019).

  • Demographic health survey (DHS) - research project on sexual violence (2018). 

  • Probabilistic models for completeness of  mortality and fertility rates in Colombia (Until July 2020).  

Lecturer.  Full Time.  University of Puerto Rico. Rio Piedras Campus. San Juan Puerto Rico. Business Administration Faculty. Department of Statistics (2008-2011).

  • Courses: Statistics Theory, Bayesian Statistics  and Introduction to business Statistics.

  • Research - Grants PI: 

  • Objective Bayes for Small Area Estimation.

  • Bayesian Dynamic Linear Models for Economic Time Series.

2011 - 2013

Msc in Statistics and Applied Mathematics

University of California, Santa Cruz


2006- 2008

Msc in Mathematics

University of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

1999 - 2004

Bachelor in Statistics

Universidad Nacional de Colombia